With Jennifer Ann

20 December 2020 van 14:00 -15:00 and 19:00-20:00

***Equinox Live Event + Digital Album***
We will be holding prayer for the Light to come back, through the birthing of the new songs and new album.
“We Are The Ancestors”Solstice is a very sacred time, where we go into the longest and darkest night, before we welcome the light to return.
It’s a time for soul-searching, for diving deep and welcoming in what we want birth in the next season to come. Planting seeds in the darkness ( the earth) in a very authentic and honest way, supports the birthing in the new season. In this way we can nature them through out the winter and the can sprout during spring.

This Concert will be a place for:
Contemplation, Planting seeds, connecting, soul searching, diving deep, listen, opening, softening, allowing and sharing sacred space.

We will have a ‘light’ ceremony together and I will be sharing songs from the new album.

Also! You are supporting the crowdfunding to make it possible for me the birth the new album in 2021!

I am very thankful for this opportunity to come together, to pray, to be, to share.

COVID protocols:
– Please stay at home if you have symptoms.
– Bring a face mask if you want
– Keep 1,5 m distance
– Respect each others boundaries
– It’s a massive open space, yet it can be warmed up enough to be comfortable.
– The singing will be staged further away from the audience than normal.
Jennifer Ann is a musician and ceremonial facilitator. Currently she had a crowdfunding for her new album:
We Are The Ancestors.She feels a strong calling to bring people into their power, to move forward in co-creating the new world as it is being birthed NOW!If you feel the calling to support her crowdfunding, so she can help more people find their way home. Please donate here:

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On the 20th of December, we have 2 time slots.
14.00-15.00 & 19.00-20.00
Please book your ticket through the crowdfunding website: