Äventyr Yoga

Juli 30th, 13:00 – August 1st

Join Äventyr Yoga from July 30th – August 1st as we escape the buzz of the city and dive deep into the Netherlands countryside to the beautiful Moon’s Farm in Noordwijk, a 35 minute drive from Amsterdam for a rustic weekend adventure.

Create space for harmony, so you can move well, breathe well, eat well, and be well. Flow with ease. Bathe in nature with walking meditations. Consume locally and sustainably. Ground yourself in your surroundings. Share your story and connect with like-minded people. This restorative retreat will be all about reawakening to the heartbeat of Mother Nature. Dare to reconnect with your authentic self. Regenerate in nature for a unique wellness experience to create a happier mind, body and soul. Wake up with the sun and unwind to the sound of the breeze rustling through the trees. Inspire to be active, or take time to replenish; Äventyr Yoga retreats are ideal for both connection and relaxation. Slow down and simplify as we strip away the confining layers of society and bring you back to the source, just as Mother Nature intended.

Arrival at Moon’s Farm is Friday at 1pm. We settle into our new space and have a light snack before our Welcoming Ceremony and first yoga class. Each day we start with an active yoga session (Strala Strong / Vinyasa / Ashtanga) and end the day with a relaxing yoga practice (Strala Relax / Restorative / Yin) and guided meditation. We will have sharing circles, discussions on yoga philosophy with Jarl, and natural movement and healing with Brittany. Each meal will consist of organic and local produce, fueling our activities. This retreat is for everybody and every BODY. We look forward to connecting with you!

For bookings and more info go to: https://www.aventyr.yoga/retreats or call +31649934546